Redefining Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

Business Foundations

Helping entrepreneurs to acquire SMEs with €1-5M EBITDA in fragmented markets.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Supporting a cohort of CEOs to assume leadership during pivotal succession phases.

Growth & Innovation

Fostering innovation by leveraging market fragmentation for robust growth.

ETA Accelerator

Revolutionising the traditional search fund model with a strategic, tech-driven approach.

Capital Commitment

WAD Capital provides complete financial backing, ensuring access to the necessary capital to support robust and agile growth strategies.

Accelerated Acquisitions

Our data-driven approach significantly shortens the acquisition cycle, enhancing efficiency and precision throughout the process.

Technological Edge

Incorporating cutting-edge tech, WAD Capital maintains an edge in identifying and nurturing investment opportunities.

Strategic Synergies

Our network of industry experts provides unparalleled insights, driving due diligence and ensuring transformative business growth.

Investment Journey

Search, contact & diligence

Negotiation & Acquisition




Strategic Advantages

We make Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition accessible, blending technology, experienced leadership, and regional engagement.

Investment Model

Our CEO cohort model, empowered by technological excellence, propels visionary leaders to drive innovation and ensure the longevity of SMEs with enhanced returns and balanced risk.

Geographic Focus

Focusing on Europe's SME-rich landscape, we ensure a culturally nuanced, region-specific approach that resonates with the legacy and ambition of family-owned businesses.

Growth & Adaptation

Our adaptive investment strategy evolves with market trends, positioning us to consistently refine and scale our operations for sustainable growth and sector leadership.

Community Engagement

By fostering a collaborative environment, we build a strong community where entrepreneurs, CEOs, and industry experts share knowledge and fuel collective success.


Strategic investments in tech not only streamline operations but also act as a catalyst for innovation, driving our portfolio companies to the forefront of their industries.

Exit Framework

Our exit strategy is meticulously designed to enhance company value, ensuring a legacy of growth and a successful transition to future leadership.

Unique CEO Cohort Model

A strategic blend of seasoned and emerging leaders driving innovation and growth. Designed for the Best & Brightest Entrepreneurs in Europe.

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Redefining ETA

WAD Capital pioneers a visionary approach to Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ETA), amalgamating technological prowess with the ambitions of mid-career professionals. We curate a dynamic path for aspirational entrepreneurs to lead SMEs with a vision of innovation and sustained growth.

Empowering Leaders

Our CEOs are meticulously chosen for their ability to drive sustainable growth and technological advancement. WAD's comprehensive support system empowers these leaders with the tools, insights, and community necessary for success, aiming for a transformative IRR of 35%.

Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is hinged on data-driven methodologies, deep network influence, and a commitment to unlocking the latent potential within SMEs. We invest in sectors poised for growth, aligning with Europe's demographic and technological trends for maximum impact.

Join Our Mission

We invite visionary leaders driven by ambition and innovation to join our cohort. As a WAD CEO, you will lead the charge in the revitalisation of SMEs, leveraging innovation to foster transformation. Embark on this rewarding journey with us and make your mark on the future of European business.


Our response to the limitations of the traditional ESG framework. This model weaves together our commitment to ethical practices with the fundamental objective of profitability, offering a balanced and pragmatic approach to business operations. Our CARE-PROFIT model, aligns financial goals with societal and environmental responsibilities, setting standards for responsible, profitable investment.

Clear Metrics

Employing simpler, more direct indicators for performance, eliminating the ambiguity of ESG standards.

Balanced Objectives

Our model harmonises immediate financial performance with long-term ethical practices.

Adaptable Framework

The CARE-PROFIT model is versatile, suitable for various industries and company sizes.

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