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Join a select group of leaders set to redefine Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition.

Kristof Lemahieu

Kristof Lemahieu

Preventative Health Care

Guy-Louis de le Vingne

Guy-Louis de le Vingne

Energy & Climate Transition

Frederic Schilling

Frederic Schilling

Energy & Climate Transition

Anonymous CEO

Business Services

Starting on August 1st, 2024

Anonymous CEO

Business Services

Starting on September 1st, 2024

Anonymous CEO


Starting on October 1st, 2024

Exclusive Assembly of Leadership

Seasoned Pioneers

The seasoned leaders in our cohort bring a wealth of experience and proven success.

  • Industry Veterans: Leaders who have consistently demonstrated success in their fields.
  • Trusted Advisors: Offering guidance based on years of experience.
  • Proven Strategists: Their strategies have stood the test of time and market fluctuations.

Emerging Leaders

Our emerging leaders are selected for their innovative approach and dynamic leadership potential.

  • Innovative Thinkers: Bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to traditional challenges.
  • Community Builders: They understand the value of creating strong, collaborative teams.
  • Connected Influencers: With their finger on the pulse of the market, they’re ready to make waves.

Joining the WAD Capital CEO Cohort is more than a career move—it’s a commitment to being part of a legacy of leadership that shapes industries and redefines markets.

A Structured Path to Leadership

Comprehensive Training

Structured learning modules designed to enhance M&A acumen, leadership skills, and operational excellence.

Personalised Mentorship

Guidance from industry veterans and access to a network of peers for collaborative growth and problem-solving.

Strategic Networking

Opportunities to connect with key stakeholders, fostering relationships that drive business success.

Innovative Culture

Developing a mindset for continuous improvement and innovation to lead the business towards future trends.

Tactical Execution

Real-world strategies for the implementation of business plans, ensuring alignment with the company’s mission and goals.

Leadership Opportunities

Hands-on leadership experiences that prepare CEOs to take the helm and steer the company towards success.

Benefits of Joining the CEO Cohort


Gain autonomy and authority to lead a company, backed by the confidence and trust of WAD Capital.

Resource Accessibility

Access to a vast array of resources, from advanced technology to expert networks, driving forward-thinking business practices.

Community and Network

Join an elite community of leaders, benefiting from shared wisdom, experiences, and a powerful network.

Strategic Growth

Drive strategic growth initiatives, with a clear path to influence and shape the direction of the business.

Innovation Leadership

Be at the forefront of innovation, implementing new ideas and technologies to revolutionise the market.

Personal and Professional Growth

Experience unparalleled personal and professional development, shaping you into a well-rounded industry leader.

Your Invitation to Lead

We are on the lookout for the extraordinary—a leader like you, ready to embrace the challenges of redefining entrepreneurship. WAD Capital's CEO Cohort is where visionaries unite to drive innovation and steer SMEs towards a prosperous horizon.

As a part of our CEO Cohort, you'll have the unique opportunity to lead with autonomy, backed by our extensive support network. You'll play a pivotal role in shaping the SME landscape and have a lasting impact on the European economy.

This is not just a position, but a partnership. We invest in our leaders, providing the platform for you to not only grow a business but also to grow as a visionary leader for tomorrow.

Accept Your Invitation

SPV for Acquisition: Ownership Distribution

Our SPV structure is crafted to align interests and drive success through a balanced ownership distribution. WAD Capital holds an 80% stake, signifying our deep commitment and belief in the venture's potential, while our CEO partners are awarded a meaningful 20% share, reflecting their indispensable role in the company's growth and strategic direction.

Advance the future of European SMEs by joining our CEO Cohort.

Apply now to play a key role in overcoming succession challenges and driving sustainable growth.

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